Jean and Joe Briggs and second generation Lance and Melissa Eggers began farming apples in the fertile Bonita Springs Valley of southern Arizona in 1968, and they've farmed organically since 1990. Their 400 acre apple orchard lies at the base of Mount Graham, a critical "sky island" habitat for many species. Since the early efforts of the Briggs and other committed farmers, organic production has increased in this lovely valley to over 2,000 acres, good news for birds and animals that rely upon clean air and water in migration corridors in Southeastern Arizona.

The Briggs / Eggers are committed to building a strong organic program. Like their organic neighbors, the Briggs believe in building soil and they apply a nutrient rich tea made of composted poultry manure, as well as organically derived trace minerals. Coddling moths present a challenge to the growers in the valley and they have had great success with pheromone traps and mating disruption techniques. The granite rich, alluvial soil washed down from the mountains and the moderate high elevation Arizona Summers allow the Briggs / Eggers to begin early harvests of Galas, Red Delicious, Granny Smiths and the increasingly popular Pink Lady. For more information on the Briggs & Eggers Orchard, please call us as (520) 281-0231.

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