Our Growers

Patagonia Orchards' growers consider themselves stewards of the land. They use natural practices such as crop rotation and cover cropping to improve soil fertility and to control weeds and pests. Our growers produce their own compost, rich in nutrients, then add it to the soil to create a healthy harvest. Significant attention and concern is given to the cultivation of Patagonia Orchards' premium fruit. We feel the effort is well worth the food safety assurance and sustainability of our earth's resources.

Our partnership with these dedicated growers is important to us. We provide access to large volume markets, while our growers focus on creating some of the best tasting fruit on the planet. Regular field and orchard visits provide our sales staff with valuable information about quality, harvest yields, availability and cultural practices.

Our growers are certified by BioAgriCoop, Oregon Tilth, Quality Assurance International or other USDA accredited certifiers. Each farm is inspected annually both by our staff and the third party certifiers to ensure compliance with their respective certification program and company standards. Patagonia Orchards' cartons and labels clearly identify our growers' products in the marketplace as organically grown and certified organic.


Armistead Farms
(Arizona Grown Oranges, Lemons & Grapefruit)

Briggs & Eggers
(Apples, Pears & Peaches)

El Cayacalito

German Nenninger

Hector Rendon

Martin Rico

(Hard Squash)

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